Saturday, 27 July 2013

Sydney S. Song, author of Works Out

Sydney also writes as Cynthia Meyers-Hanson when writing non-fiction/kid lit.

Works Out by Sydney S. Song is available for Kindle from Amazon:
US: Works Out (Life's Crazy)
UK: Works Out (Life's Crazy)

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Works Out by Sydney S. Song
Works Out by Sydney S. Song
When Bonnie entered college, her mentor or mother suggested an emergent, career path as a computer programmer.  That mom told her daughter that if she was thirty years younger and had known more in life that she’d have been in technology.  Eventually and naively, the young lady majored in software, computer programming.  In that technology, the guys were not totally ready for her to ‘break the ceiling.’  That gal landed in that field when society still believed that math and logic skills were born in men, only.  While the rest of the world unknowingly sat on the threshold of home computers, mobile phones, and the Internet, Bonnie helped build some of that telecommunications infrastructure while it rebuilt that young woman’s including her frame of mind. What? Was Bonnie brainwashed? Was she successful in her career? What changed in the man’s world?  What is never ending or the same old same ‘old boys network’?

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Author Quiz interviews Sydney S. Song...

Is there anything about you or your writing that makes you unique from other authors?
Unlike many novelists or children’s literature authors, I started writing non-fiction rather than fiction.  Some people dream of being authors; my writing began as what could be described as a nightmare!  As my mother died, her experiences ran the gamut from going through all the grieving steps a terminal soul follows to having what would be called a Christian NDE- if she had lived.  I was in the room most of the times that she visited with God, Jesus, or multitudes of angels and souls.  Believing everything she said even during what others called babbling, I became her translator.  When most of her messages from God panned out, people in Orlando buzzed with the story of my parent’s death or Cindy’s tale.  My grief counselor listened to my version of the events requiring I write my first book: Mom’s on the Roof and I can’t Get Her Down; that was 1991.  Starting in 2000 (the new millennium), God’s prophecies through my mother as found in my first book began to materialize; my story- copyrighted in 1994- was proving itself as the truth!  How miraculous!  Do you want to know the details of the prophecy?  Buy my non-fictions including the one about my mother and My ArmOr.  It was many years later that I began dabbling with novel ideas, YA stories, and kid lit.

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Jeremy Shory, author of The Orion Chronicles: The Journal Of Forgotten Secrets

The Orion Chronicles: The Journal Of Forgotten Secrets by Jeremy Shory is available for Kindle from Amazon:
US: The Orion Chronicles: The Journal Of Forgotten Secrets by Jeremy Shory
UK: The Orion Chronicles: The Journal Of Forgotten Secrets by Jeremy Shory

The Orion Chronicles: The Journal Of Forgotten Secrets by Jeremy Shory

The Orion Chronicles: The Journal Of
Forgotten Secrets by Jeremy Shory
Fate guides him. Magic controls him. Evil awaits him.

When fourteen year old Orion Martins ventures deep into the forest behind his New Hampshire home, he’s quickly lured into a sadistic game of life and death where the prize is the fate of two worlds. After uncovering a hidden land ruled by enchantment and magic, wicked schemes and dark family secrets begin to expose a perilous trail of deception he’s been destined to travel. Can the mysteries trapped inside an ancient journal unlock the enigmas of his past, assuring his victory over an ancient mastermind long believed to have vanished? The board is set and the pieces are ready to be played.

Three weeks ago, Orion knew he would avenge his father’s murder. Three days ago, he knew there was nothing beyond our own unforgiving world. Three hours ago, he knew magic only existed within the depths of his imagination. Three minutes from now, he’ll discover just how wrong he’s been.

The first move has been made. Will Orion save our lives at the risk of his own?

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Author Quiz interviews Jeremy Shory...

What are you working on now and what projects and ideas do you have lined up next?
I just wrapped up The Orion Chronicles: The Journal of Forgotten Secrets, which is the first installment in The Orion Chronicles series. It’s about a teenager that finds himself inadvertently lured into a sadistic plan, a game of life and death if you will, that was specifically designed for him by a mastermind thought to have vanished almost a hundred years ago. The more Orion dives into this evil scheme, the more he uncovers about his family and how everyone he’s ever known has been keeping dark secrets from him. Ultimately he decides he’s had enough and he decides he’s going to take matters into his own hands and start controlling his own fate. At least he thinks he is anyways. That story is out now, ready for people to snatch up. While working on promoting that, I’m also diligently working on trying to finish the second episode in the series called Curse of the Phantom Brotherhood. It takes Orion’s journey into the dark underworld of a magical sect supposedly eradicated some time ago. The more he discovers who he is, the more his life is thrown into peril. It’s really a great little adventure that I don’t think is a whole lot like anything else out there.

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Red Haircrow, author of The Agony of Joy

The Agony of Joy by Red Haircrow is available for the Kindle app from Amazon:
US: The Agony of Joy by Red Haircrow
UK: The Agony of Joy by Red Haircrow

The Agony Of Joy by Red Haircrow
The Agony of Joy by Red Haircrow

Former model turned actor Adrian Lee can barely list age range '23-29' on his resumé anymore nor stand his life of empty social events and appearances, meaningless roles and casual partners. When he meets Alexander Skizetsky by clever arrangement of his agent, the enigmatic yet infinitely attractive Russian kindles a little light of hope in his aching heart. Yet even the beginnings of a friendship and love beyond his wildest dreams cannot assuage a life spiraling out of control.

The long estrangement from his devout Irish Catholic parents and family and the dark secrets they all share combine to drive him to the brink of despair, though Alexander is determined to stay by his side. After locking away his own memories of betrayal and loss, the Russian had decided never to love again but something in Adrian spurs the noblest intentions in his formerly jaded heart. Returning in pilgrimage to his homeland, he brings Adrian along on a journey of rebirth, revelation and redemption.

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Author Quiz interviews Red Haircrow...

Is there anything about you or your writing that makes you unique from other authors?
Although almost everyone, whether they are authors or not, may daily write in different ways, for different reasons, what I would consider unique about my writing and myself is that I do so in a variety of genres and topics, both fiction and non-fiction. I write about a range of topics, from personal true events or memories, to music reviews for local bands and poetry, current events dealing with Native American issues, life and traditions, as well as my fictional works.

Not as a slight to authors who prefer certain themes or areas, which can be advantageous in building an audience who are looking for just one kind of work, but there is a distinction in that I write in several genres and do not or rather cannot confine myself to one or two, nor wish to pegged in a certain genre. I have many stories, ideas and possibilities within me that I feel the need to express, and I choose to publish all of them under my name.

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Sophie Schiller, author of Spy Island

Spy Island by Sophie Schiller is available for the Kindle app from Amazon:
US: Spy Island by Sophie Schiller
UK: Spy Island by Sophie Schiller

Spy Island by Sophie Schiller

Spy Island by Sophie Schiller
Abby Maduro is an adventurous island girl who saves the life of a mysterious stranger who has washed ashore on her Caribbean island. Despite the danger, Abby shelters Erich Seibold, a handsome sailor with a mysterious past, in the basement of her house. Soon, friendship and love blossom between the unlikely pair, even after Abby learns that Erich is a deserter from a German U-boat. Their cozy situation turns deadly when the island's German Consul, Lothar Langsdorff, discovers Erich's true identity and blackmails him into committing sabotage and murder. Erich is arrested and thrown into prison, forcing Abigail to risk everything to save his life, but with Langsdorff and his spy ring still on the loose, Abigail relies on her wits, bravery and a little island magic to save her tranquil island from a dangerous German spy. Spy Island is a historical spy thriller for the adventure-lover in you. Prepare to be carried away to an exotic tropical island with its potent mixture of action, suspense, romance, and delightful island characters who will cast their spell over you.

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Author Quiz interviews Sophie Schiller...

What's the best and worst thing about being an author?
The best thing is having the freedom to stretch your imagination, to do things that have never been done before. The worst thing is the lack of collaboration. By its very nature, writing is done by an individual in solitude. Oftentimes, we yearn for the synergy that accompanies working in teams.

What came first, the idea for your first book or the decision to write a book?
The decision to write "Spy Island" came first. It took me years to develop the plot and characters, and to mold it all into a thrilling, suspenseful story.