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The 'How To Save The World' books
are not suitable for prudes or squares.
Charles Fudgemuffin is the author of the critically acclaimed 'Remember to put the bins out' note. Other less notable works include his debut novel 'How To Save The World: An Alien Comedy.'  This is the blurb:

‘Aliens from the planet Fem have decided that as compassionate citizens of the galaxy they have a duty to alleviate suffering and affliction from the rest of the galaxy. 

In the majority of cases this will involve sharing their unprecedented prosperity and quality of life with those planets less fortunate than themselves. Of course, in a minority of extreme cases this will also involve eliminating life from those planets in the galaxy where the level of suffering is simply too great to alleviate. 

Unfortunately for Earth, the Femlings have deemed us one such planet...’

'How To Save The World: An Alien Comedy' is available for Kindle from amazon.com and amazon.co.uk:
US: How To Save The World: Part 1 - An Alien Comedy
UK: How To Save The World: Part 1 - An Alien Comedy

You can check out the Charles Fudgemuffin blog at the following link:
Charles Fudgemuffin's Blog

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Worthy Of A Bigger Audience

Worthy Of A Bigger Audience promotes
music, books, movies, etc, which
more people need to know about.
Worthy Of A Bigger Audience is a blog featuring musicians, TV shows, books, movies, apps, games, graphic novels, travel destinations and in fact anything at all which is worthy of a bigger audience.

That doesn’t mean that when it comes to music, for example, that only unknown and undiscovered artists will be featured on the blog.  Some of the reviews will be of reasonably well known talented artists who have already achieved a fairly large amount of commercial success and critical acclaim.  It’s just that in the opinion of Woaba Blog, the level of their success should be even higher.

So if you want to stay up to date with the latest reviews and recommendations for cool stuff to check out, then you can check out Worthy Of A Bigger Audience at the following link:
Worthy Of A Bigger Audience

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Tomorrow's Technology Today

Tomorrow's Technology Today
only features innovational gadgets.
As the name suggests Tomorrow’s Technology Today is dedicated to exciting breakthroughs in the world of technology.  There are plenty of websites out there focusing on the latest iPods, mobile phones and cameras though, so at Tomorrow’s Technology Today we therefore steer clear of stories reporting on a slightly new model of TV with marginally improved picture clarity and better sound quality.

Instead Tomorrow’s Technology Today will only feature reports on truly groundbreaking inventions, innovational gadgets and revolutionary scientific developments which could potentially go on to make a big impact on the world we live in.

As an example of the type of stories covered, the first two articles on Tomorrow’s Technology Today feature a new UV protection patch set to replace sun screen lotion and the Kinetic Capture™ insoles which store up the energy from your run and then later use this energy to charge up your iPod or iPhone:

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Author Quiz?

Author Quiz features personalised
interviews from authors.
What is Author Quiz?  To sum it up in a sentence:

‘Author Quiz is a chance for authors to introduce themselves to book lovers with a personalised interview, and a chance for book lovers to discover some great indie authors breaking into the self-publishing market.’

So if you’re an author who would like to be featured on Author Quiz then check out the 'How To Get Featured On Author Quiz' page for further details on how to take up the chance to promote your writing absolutely free with a personalised Author Quiz interview:

More blogs from Charles Fudgemuffin will be coming soon...

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