Thursday, 3 January 2013

Big Thanks To All The Authors Who Submitted Interviews To Author Quiz in 2012

To start the New Year off I want to say big thanks to all the authors who submitted interviews to Author Quiz during 2012, and hopefully there’ll be many more interviews published in 2013.  At one stage the backlog of interviews was down to about three weeks, but a recent rush of interview submissions has seen the waiting list grow to approximately eight weeks, so if any authors are considering submitting their own interview to be published on the blog then I would recommend submitting it as soon as possible.

Just to recap, Author Quiz provides authors with the opportunity to provide a personalised interview by answering questions from each of the categories found on the following page:

How To Get Featured On Author Quiz

Things are pretty flexible, so you can answer whichever questions you feel best introduce yourself to potential readers.  It also makes for a better interview in terms of presentation if you submit a book cover and author photo with your interview, and I also like to publish links to authors’ facebook and twitter pages, as well as of course sales links.

As I’ve mentioned before, at the moment Author Quiz is still just a small blog, but the page views are growing every month and the most popular interviews have had between 100-200 page views, so being featured on Author Quiz isn’t going to send you to the top of the kindle charts overnight, but it can be a useful and fun way of introducing yourself to potential readers.

It’s totally free to be featured, and whether you’re an established author with fifteen novels already published, or an aspiring author currently in the process of writing your first novel then please take a look at the questions and feel free to submit an interview.  I like to feature a wide variety of authors and genres on Author Quiz, so I always enjoy receiving new interviews.  The only caution I would add is that Author Quiz is marked as a ‘No Adult Content’ blog, so if your book or books contain adult content then please bear this is mind when discussing your writing in your interview.  Other than that things are pretty flexible so if you’d like to be featured then please take a look at the Author Quiz questions.

Anyway, thanks again to all the authors who supported Author Quiz in 2012, and to all the readers who checked out the interviews, and here’s to many more interviews being published in 2013.

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