Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Author Quiz is taking a break...

Since I started Author Quiz just over a year ago, the number of visitors to the blog has steadily grown, with the most popular interviews having recieved over 500 page views.

However, it does require a regular commitment out of my schedule every week to upload and format the interviews and unfortunately very soon I won't be able to guarantee the necessary time, as for the next few months I'll be away backpacking around the world.  I've therefore decided that to avoid making commitments I can't keep, Author Quiz will be placed on a break while I'm away.

Things will keep running for a while yet, however, as any interviews already submitted have been scheduled to be featured over the next few weeks.  Also, to be fair to anyone who's working on an interview at the moment, any interviews which are submitted before the end of October will also be featured.

After that though, as I'll be away travelling I unfortunately won't be able to guarantee the normality to my schedule to work on the blog on a regular basis and therefore the safest decision is to place the blog on hold for a few months until I get back from my travels.

Finally, massive thanks to all the authors who have sent in interviews over the last twelve months, and also to all the readers who have visited the blog.  Author Quiz has now featured interviews from over fifty authors covering more than fifty different genres, so thanks again to everyone who has contributed interviews over the last year.

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