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Christine Lindsay, author of Captured by Moonlight

Captured by Moonlight by Christine Lindsay is available for Kindle from Amazon:
US: Captured by Moonlight (Twilight of the British Raj) by Christine Lindsay
UK: Captured by Moonlight (Twilight of the British Raj) by Christine Lindsay

Captured by Moonlight by Christine Lindsay
Captured by Moonlight by Christine Lindsay

Prisoners to their own broken dreams…

After a daring rescue goes awry, Laine Harkness and her friend Eshana flee to the tropical south of India…and headlong into their respective pasts.

Laine takes a nursing position at a plantation in the jungle, only to discover that her former fiancĂ© is the owner…but fun-loving Laine refuses to let Adam crush her heart like he had years ago.
Eshana, captured by her traditional uncle and forced once more into the harsh Hindu customs of mourning, doubts freedom will ever be hers again, much less the forbidden love that had begun to flower.

Amid cyclones, epidemics, and clashing faiths, will the love of the True Master give hope to these searching hearts?

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Author Quiz interviews Christine Lindsay...

Do you ever feel yourself becoming quite emotional when writing a particularly intense scene and is there a specific passage in particular where this was the case?
I get teary-eyed when I kill off one of my characters. This happened when I allowed one of my Indian characters to die in the infamous Jallianwalla Bagh massacre in India 1919. At the same time I really enjoyed writing her death scene.

Where did the inspiration for your novels come from?
The inspiration for my books, Shadowed in Silk and Captured by Moonlight, came from reading my favorite novelist, the Great MM Kaye who wrote blockbusters like Far Pavilions and Shadow of the Moon. If I was ever going to write a book, it would have to be as exciting as her books, full of adventure, action, romance, blood, death, history, but from a Christian viewpoint, and with an inspirational message.

If you were to write a story featuring a fictional character from any movie of your choice, who would you choose and why?
I absolutely adored The Painted Veil that featured Edward Norton. He did an amazing job as an Englishman with a stiff upper lip but simmering inwardly for his wife played by Naomi Watts who had betrayed him.

Love all that simmering romantic stuff, and so I’d love to rewrite their ending. Give them a happy one. The bittersweet was wonderful though.

Have you ever written a supporting character who took on a life of their own or turned out to be far more popular than expected and if so do you have plans to feature them as the lead character in a story of their own?
Yes, that happened with the secondary character Laine Harkness is Shadowed in Silk. This feisty type “A” personality nurse just after WW1 absolutely demanded that I write her story. I write Christian Historical inspirational novels, but about realistic individuals. Laine is not only a hoot with her wit, but she’s so real with her sexuality that she doesn’t know what to do with since she is unmarried. No doubt that’s why she makes such a great nurse—all the sexual energy has to go somewhere, might as well be work.

When deciding on your book title what influences you most; potential sales or artistic integrity?
Always in every writing/publishing decision I make, it is with artistic integrity. Ultimately, I have to feel proud of what I put out there. If it doesn’t please me, then how can I expect it to please others? I always want to be honest with my readers.

How do you see the publishing industry changing over the next few years?
The Ebook is changing everything. I’m happy for this new technological opportunity. I think the Ebook makes it easier for people to obtain books, and that this will encourage people to read more. It’s a great advance in the world of publishing.

What are some of your favorite quotes from reviews that you've received?
"Shadowed in Silk will keep you up long past your bedtime--each time you want to put it down, you tell yourself, just one more page, just one more page..." 5 stars.

"The novel truly transports you right to India, and I found myself feeling as if I was really watching and listening to the events, rather than just reading a book. The story is thoroughly engrossing, so be prepared to have plenty of time because you probably will not be able to put it down." 5 stars.

"Shadowed in Silk sort of reminded me of a Christian version of The English Patient." 5 stars

"I was hooked from page one and literally burned the midnight oil reading this one, something I haven't done in a long while!" 5 stars

"This book was so wonderful and emotionally involving that it took me away from what I should have been doing. I pushed aside everything and kept reading." 5 stars.

Would you rather have great reviews but average sales or great sales but average reviews?
I’d rather have great reviews but average sales. Reason being, I want to know I have written something that has quality. Sometimes quality gets pushed aside for something cheaper that titillates, but doesn’t truly satisfy. As a Christian artist, I’m in for the long haul, something that can stand the test of time.

Which book more than any other have you read and thought, 'I wish I'd written this book'?
Band of Sisters by Cathy Gohlke—this award-winning Christian novelist writes the way I like to write, and hope that I do. She writes about realistic events in history that we in our modern-day world need to be reminded of. This was true of Band of Sisters, a novel about white slavery at the turn of the 19th century. The whole concept of true Christian do not turn their faces away from those suffering in the sex trade, but do what Jesus would do, and help them.

Who do you see as your target audience?
My target audience is Christian women between the ages 20 and 55 who enjoy inspirational novels with realistic bent to them, such as those who like Cathy Gohlke above. Other writers that are similar to my type of writing are Francine Rivers, Tamera Alexandra, Sarah Sundin.

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Thanks for your comments, Christine, and good luck with your writing.

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Christine's website features an online sample of the first two chapters of Captured by Moonlight:
Read the first two chapters of Captured by Moonlight online at Christine's website

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Christine Lindsay, author of Captured by Moonlight
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Captured by Moonlight by Christine Lindsay is available for Kindle from Amazon:
US: Captured by Moonlight (Twilight of the British Raj) by Christine Lindsay
UK: Captured by Moonlight (Twilight of the British Raj) by Christine Lindsay

Christine's debut novel, Shadowed by Silk, is also available for Kindle from Amazon:
US: Shadowed in Silk by Christine Lindsay
UK: Shadowed in Silk by Christine Lindsay

Captured by Moonlight is also available from Barnes and Noble:
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